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Please Note

That when I criticized Protestantism in my last post I was not talking about this, from Taize. Protestant monks who chant and venerate icons are okay in my book:

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Two Clicks Away

Since I started revitalizing this blog late last winter my blogroll has grown steadily.

It is politically pretty diverse, as I don’t think either left or right has a monopoly on good ideas or intentions: I have Catholic anarchists, Orthodox and Catholic  monarchists, libertarians, distributists, and even a Marxist.

I do not have any neoconservatives, though.

Hey, I am not that diverse.

And religiously, I am not diverse at all; there are Roman and Byzantine Catholics and there are Orthodox.

Hey, I am not that ecumenical. While we should be cordial with our Protestant brethren there will never be unity with them while they remain Protestant.

I hope I don’t have to tell you that if I have included someone’s site on the blogroll it doesn’t mean I agree with them about everything. It only means that I have found something interesting, enlightening or amusing there.

But when one visits some of these sites and then clicks onto their links it can get alarming.

One site has on his blogroll the site of a holocaust-denying anti-Semite. Granted, the man is a Catholic of sorts, and once was a reputable journalist, which is what the blogger told me in his defense.

But I would not link to him if it were up to me.


From C&T  you are two clicks away from a foul-mouthed misogynist. He was quoted by a libertarian, but the guy in question, while no doubt some sort of conservative, is more libertine than libertarian.

In fact, to use language he would understand, he is a complete asshole.

From C&T  you can, with two clicks, find your way to polemical sites, both Catholic and Orthodox.  You can find yourself on a pro-abortion activist site, or various prolife sites. You can find an image of Jesus peeing on an American flag (with the title “What Would Jesus Do?”), or in three clicks find pornography.

You can in fact find yourself almost anywhere.

All this reflects the complexity of the world. The fact that you can find common ground with someone does not mean that he, in turn, may not find common ground with someone whose worldview is wholly inimical to your own. Just as my enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my friend, so my friend’s friend is not necessarily mine.

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The long awaited catechism will soon be available: http://sainteliaschurch.blogspot.com/

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