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I have long been struck by the occasional aptness of names.

When I was young I was amused by the name of the very verbal Oral Roberts. And by the name of the strutting, swaggering Jimmy Swaggart.

It seems that evangelicals are particularly stricken by this: witness the money-grubbing prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar.

And meanwhile, over in the OCA, which has come to resemble a Mad magazine Spy vs Spy cartoon, only with the spooks in cassocks instead of trenchcoats, at the center of the-¬†literally- byzantine intrigue is a priest with the fitting moniker of “Fr Fester”.

But politicians, too, sometimes bear revealing handles; think of the right wing former senator (married four times) Malcolm Wallop.

And speaking of oft-wed righties, how about the slimy presidential wannabe Newt Gingrich?

And who can forget- though we wish we could- Dick Cheney?

I was recently taken to task in the comboxes for my sarcasm. In light of that, and of this post, and of the upcoming presidential campaign, know that I am going to soon post my defense, tentatively titled either “Sarcasm and Sanctity”, “Christ the Smart Ass”, or “Love of Enemies and Love of Idiots”.

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