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The Vatican praises interfaith education: ” Schools where Christians and Muslims study together, as they do at many Catholic schools in the Middle East, should be supported and cherished by both communities because they promote dialogue and lead to real friendships, said dialogue participants.”

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A Note to My Readers

I like to credit artists and iconographers when I use their  paintings and icons, but frequently I cannot find the source for some of the art and iconography I use. From now on I am going to write “artist (or iconographer) unknown”.

When I do this consider it an invitation to identify the source if you know it.


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In an underreported address at the Catholic University of America,  John Sweeney takes on the Church’s contemporary negligence:


“If unchecked, this assault on the very existence of unions is sure to spread, and the impact on Catholic social teachings and, indeed, the moral and economic fiber of our nation, will be profound.

It is particularly distressing that many of the governors and legislators involved are Catholics who are simply ignoring the encyclical we celebrate today.

And it saddens me to witness the marginalization of our social teachings in the American church.

Let us remind our entire Church that Rerum Novarum is not a cafeteria of suggestions and ideas from which we are free to pick and choose, but the modern expression of an unbroken line that stretches from the Book of Genesis, throughout the Old Testament, to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Pope Leo XIII left no room for equivocation when he wrote: “The State has for its office to protect natural rights, not to destroy them, and if it forbid its citizens to form associations, it contradicts the very principle of its own existence ….”

And let us also remind our Catholic elected officials as well as Church leaders that an attack on workers’ freedom to come together for a better life is an attack on the fundamental teaching of the Church about human dignity—not some ancillary doctrine that applied to our grandparents but not to us.  ”

Read the full text:http://www.catholicsinalliance.org/cgf050411sweeney.php?s=hello-world

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