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Icon by my pal Paul Tish..

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I got this invitation in the mail today. Looks great, and I am thinking I may attend:

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Rhetoric as poetry, from Jon White’s website: http://stuff.jonwhitestudio.com/ (click to enlarge)

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Today’s Forecast

Driving back from Michigan last Sunday I happened to come across Harold Camping’s radio  show. I don’t know if you have ever heard the elderly Mr Camping, who has gained notoriety for claiming to have figured out the Biblical numerology regarding the End Times and predicting with confidence that the Rapture of the true believers will be today, at 6 pm. He possesses one of the most boring voices in radio, a deep unwavering monotone.  His delivery is the polar opposite of the fired up Pentecostal preacher more common to Christian radio.

And though the world is getting a good laugh over all this, what amazed me, listening to the callers to his program, was how many people believe his latest prognostication. Earnest callers inquired about some arcane mathematical issue or other, or expressed concern about their unconverted family.

But others expressed doubt. One young wag asked Mr Camping “What are you smoking and where can I get some?” The preacher didn’t laugh or flinch at all but answered that no, he did not smoke anything or take drugs.

I don’t think you could get a rise out of him if you set his pants on fire.

Another caller asked him “But Mr Camping, isn’t this just your private interpretation?”

Again nonplussed, the elderly “prophet” explained that there is no private interpretation of Scripture, that we must take the plain meaning of the Bible at its face value, and that is exactly what he had done. Droning on, it was apparent that this is a man of great opacity, denser than lead.

Some have expressed concern that Mr Camping will lose his faith Saturday evening in the event that he is not raptured. Not me. Nothing can faze the guy. I’m pretty sure that he will find some comma in the wrong place and revise his calculations, confident that he finally has deciphered the Great Jigsaw Puzzle that is the Word of God.

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