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A disproportionate number  of the writers of the journal Caelum et Terra, the precursor to this weblog, were graduates of the Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas. By teaching the restless young of the late 60s and early 70s the traditional culture of the Catholic West, John Senior and his colleagues sparked the innate love of beauty and poetry that lies in every young heart. Which prompted conversion. A number of his students went on to become Benedictine monks in France, and then later founders of the Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma, all of which prompted outraged parents to demand the suppression of the program.

John Senior was one of the few great men of the late 20th century:

“He once said of himself that he was like an usher who opened the door for many people to many different vocations. Was he a bishop, was he a priest, was he a judge, was he a lawyer? No, he was in a way all those things and more in remaining a teacher, inimitable and memorable for all who were blessed to follow him across Mount Oread in Lawrence and through portals that invariably led to the Church. Requiescat in pace, John Senior — and thank you for opening those doors.”

A fitting tribute:


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Lord Have Mercy

Ron Paul says the Empire is not done yet: Ron Paul: U.S. Occupation of Pakistan Is Next « Antiwar.com Blog.

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With a tip of the hat to Iosue, the Western Confucian:

Icon by my friend Paul Tish.

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Is there anything more fun than blowing soap bubbles for a dancing two year old, intent on popping every one?

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