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I recently heard from a young man, Kevin Ford, who had just discovered that Caelum et Terra still existed, though in a very different form than it had in print (and with some different emphases).  He told me of his attempt to rekindle the movement back to the land that has a long tradition in Catholic life.

While the magazine had a definite and pronounced agrarian tone, and while some of our readers integrated this in their lives, and some even began communities (which did not turn out well), the editor slowly lost this particular dream, while still holding to the ideal, and to localist and distributist notions.

Mr Ford has, without irony -for younger agrarians are much more comfortable with technology than I ever was while editing the magazine- begun a Catholic Land Movement blog. It is very good; give it a look:


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Muslims and Mary

Mutual respect for Our Lady may offer hope of peace:


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“NATO’s war makes no sense. People want peace. What have people done to deserve all this?” asks Mgr Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, apostolic vicar of Tripoli. “Targeting military objectives” is crazy because “bombs are striking everywhere,” the prelate said. “We cannot sleep and people are panicking,” he added. “Just last night, there were some explosions just a few kilometres from our area.”

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Lord Have Mercy

Senate hawks push for intervention in Syria: http://news.antiwar.com/2011/04/28/senate-hawks-push-for-obama-move-against-syria/

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