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By Metropolitan Hierotheos:

Christ’s Resurrection should not be celebrated as a historical or social event, but as existential, which means that it should be a participation in the grace of the Resurrection. The fasting which precedes the feast during the whole of Great Lent, the ascetic struggle, aims at the best participation in the mystery of the Resurrection. In order to be successful, however, this requires, as all the Fathers teach, purification of the senses of both body and soul. St. John of Damascus sings: “Let us purify our senses and we shall behold Christ, radiant with the ineffable light of the Resurrection, and shall hear Him saying clearly, ‘Rejoice!’, as we sing the triumphant hymns!” Thus purification is a necessary condition for vision of God and communion with God. St. Gregory the Theologian says: “Therefore one must be purified, then one must converse in purity.”

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