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Yes, sometimes they were pretentious (like the spoken poetry parts) but nobody expressed latent spiritual longing like the Moodys; this song is among the best:

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WASHINGTON (CNS) — Climbing to the roof of his home in Cologne, Germany, during the final days of World War I, a teenage Fritz Eichenberg would pick up pieces of shrapnel, souvenirs of night bombing raids that terrorized civilians. Born in 1901 to a Jewish family, Eichenberg saw the widespread destruction caused by war and wondered what good was coming of it. It was then that lifelong anti-war sentiments took root. After starting his career as an advertising artist, Eichenberg went on to become a well-known engraver and illustrator whose work often examined the struggles of everyday life, social justice concerns and stories from the Bible. His intricate woodcuts span a wide range of topics. From depicting Christ in contemporary settings with the suffering poor to offering acerbic social commentary on political leaders prone to violence and repression continue to inspire viewers more than two decades after his 1989 death. A selection of Eichenberg’s work is on display in the Arcade Gallery at the Jundt Art Museum at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., through July 30. The exhibit showcases 25 images from the museum’s collection of 750 prints and other works donated by longtime benefactors Norman and Esther Bolker, who now reside in Corvalis, Ore.

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From the new film “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer”, a stop at the oldest Christian monastery:

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