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Humanitarian Interventionism by the Numbers by Philip Giraldi — Antiwar.com.


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I first called attention to the risk to our churches of being ethnic and nationalist, of withdrawing into themselves in order to preserve their own culture, language and customs and of losing their sense of mission. The second point concerned the contemplative and monastic life. It is known that this form of Christian life arose in the East, in Egypt, Mesopotamia, in Persia, and then later passed to the West. In Iran we have had periods in which the monasteries numbered hundreds and hundreds. And if between the 4th and 13th centuries the Eastern Church, that we now call the Assyro-Chaldean, was able to proclaim the Gospel as far as China, Mongolia, India and other countries, it was thanks to the presence of monasteries where the life of prayer was extremely fervent and profound. If the mission of the Church is not rooted in prayer, and is not fed from there, it will never bear fruit, and, like a tree that lacks water, it dries up.

-Archbishop Ramzi Garmou, archbishop of Tehran

To read more: http://www.orientecristiano.com/english-news/catholicworld/the-essential-thing-is-prayer.html

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From the new film, to be released April 8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjub9vxQ0NM&feature=related 

The icon is from the iconostasis of Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Canton, Ohio.

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Seeking Healing

Archbishop Sviatoslav, the new Ukrainian primate, wants to meet with the Russian Patriarch, seeking reconciliation: http://risu.org.ua/en/index/all_news/confessional/interchurch_relations/41567/

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It is reported that when President Obama addressed the nation on our deepening military involvement in Libya, he timed it to not interfere with Dancing with the Stars.

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