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Residences for pregnant homeless women, founded by Chris and Joan Andrews Bell:http://www.goodcounselhomes.org/

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Beer Fast

I have heard Orthodox friends joke about doing this, but I never heard of anyone actually living on beer for Lent (thanks to the Western Confucian): http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/features/2011/03/17/%E2%80%98beer-has-something-to-teach-christians%E2%80%99/#

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The news is all over the internet: famed televangelist Fr John Corapi has been placed on administrative leave after a former employee accused him of sexual indiscretions and drug abuse. The outcry is deafening, and it seems that every Catholic with a blog is rising to his defense, and against the policy of suspending a priest whenever an unproven accusation is leveled.

Not so fast. The policy was instituted in response to previous hierarchical negligence, and these days, when the founder of an apparently successful religious congregation, on the fast track to sainthood, is revealed to be a hypocrite of monstrous proportions, when a respected prolife priest admits his own sexual sins, when Mother Teresa’s former confessor is convicted of pederasty…well you get the idea. It is really better to wait and see at this point.

I have no idea if  Fr Corapi is guilty of these charges, but there have been questions in the past regarding his veracity; some of his conversion story reads like a tall tale, and he apparently changed his biography to clarify that he was not a Green Beret, only had some Special Forces training. Personally, I have been skeptical for some time. It always seemed unseemly the way he dwelt on the titillating details of his formerly sinful life. It might be a good time for someone to investigate some of his other claims; it shouldn’t be hard to verify whether or not he holds a black belt in karate, for example, or whether he actually drove a red Ferrari, hung out with Hollywood starlets, made millions, was homeless, etc. 

Whatever the case, we should pray for him, and for his accuser, and for the truth to prevail.

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Amen, Mr Galloway

George Galloway, interviewed on the intervention in Libya:

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