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On Peacemaking

The saints on peacemaking, from the Orthodox Peace Fellowship: http://www.incommunion.org/2009/02/26/advice-on-peacemaking-from-the-saints/

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The Other Islam

 Congressman King holds his hearings, and Americans generalize about “Islam”.  There are in truth many Islams. To keep your perspective, here is one of them, a far cry from the puritanical Wahhabism of Al Queda. Abida Parveen is a Pakistani Sufi singer, and this is one of her mystical songs. The translation, roughly, is:

The city is empty, where shall I go?

Let us turn to sand and disperse.

I sway from your glance, like leaves scattered by wind.

The night is nearly spent and still I don’t have the heart to go home.

It is dark and the shore is far; the moon will rise before we reach the shore.

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An important ecumenical journey: http://www.zenit.org/article-32002?l=english

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