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St Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, Lakewood, NJ:

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I heard this song on the local college radio station on the way home from work today and was immediately taken with it; it evoked longing, the way so few songs do, the sort of longing for the beauty that is just beyond the horizon that has shaped my inner life for as long as I remember. When I got home I looked it up on YouTube and found this winsome video. As I found the lyrics hard to decipher, I looked them up too and found that, sure enough, it is a song about love and loss and death and yearning; all the stuff of life. The song is called “Blood” and it is by an Australian band called, incongruously, The Middle East.

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An “Orthograph”

By Steven Robinson, of Pithless Thoughts (and a very funny guy: http://pithlessthoughts.blogspot.com/) I would not, by the way, recommend chips and cola as Lenten fare…

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