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In the last issue of Caelum et Terra I made some dismissive remarks about U2, based on something I had read in a magazine.

I take it back; whatever they may have been doing in the mid-90s, this interview with Bono shows that he pretty much gets it in all the most important ways:  http://www.garydavidstratton.com/2011/faith-2/bono-interview-grace-over-karma/ (Thanks to Maclin for the heads up).

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Pure Monday

For Orthodox Christians and Byzantine Catholics Great Lent begins on a Monday, a few days before Western Christians begin their Lent with Ash Wednesday.

It is a time of high hopes and good resolutions to reform one’s life, to put one’s house in order. I generally begin with fervor and end with some disappointment, but never without making some small progress.

May you all have a fruitful Lent and a joyous Pascha, and may the prayers of the great penitent St Mary of Egypt be with you! (Icon by Michael Kapeluck, whose work can be seen here: www.archangelicons.com)

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