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I haven’t been writing (or painting much) because I not only am working nine or ten hours a day, six days a week, I have four children on four different Little League teams. I love baseball but look forward to getting my life back. The season is winding down, and I should have a bit more time to write and paint soon. In the meantime, I would like to share this funny story.

I have written about my son, Michael before. He is almost five now, small for his age, and not shy at all. He is likely to say most anything, to the point that my wife gets nervous going out in public with him. The other night I was watching a baseball game, like I do most nights. I was standing next to a white haired gentleman with a southern accent, a real nice guy I had talked to before. Michael walked over to us, sized the man up and said ” Are you bigger than my dad?” The man looked at me and answered “Yes, I am taller than him and I weigh more.” Michael looked at him a minute and said “But he is stronger than you.” The man chuckled and said “That may well be true.” Michael studied him for a minute and then said “And he’s smarter than you, too!” After we had finished laughing the man looked Michael over and asked him “Do you have any friends?”

—Daniel Nichols

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