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A Day in the Life

I only met Ben and Anna Hatke once, around eight years ago or so. I hardly talked much with them, but I took an instant liking to them, something that is a rare occurrence with me. They are artists, acrobats, musicians, and cartoonists, the sort of people you’d like to hang around with, just to see what they will do next. In Ben’s case, this may well be a series of backflips, or breathing fire.

A little while back, I became aware that Ben and Anna publish weblogs, which have become regular stops for me online. And somewhere along the line someone gave Anna a stack of old Caelum et Terras, which I am told she read through avidly.

Recently, Ben took part in an online “hourly comics” forum with some other cartoonists. The delightful results can be seen here.  I was inspired to try my hand at the subject; all but my oldest and youngest children also began the hourly comic, but alas, they all petered out midmorning. I made it through, though and thought I’d share the results: click here (it’s a PDF).

(Ben Hatke’s blog, Art and Adventure, can be found here . His portfolio is here . And Anna’s blog, A Shortcut to Mushrooms, can be seen here ).

—Daniel Nichols

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