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Our Man in Sudan

Franciscan Father Harold Joseph Brock was a contributing editor to Caelum et Terra, the magazine. Most issues he contributed a column called “Notes from the City”, about his experiences working with the poor and homeless in the very colorful South Bronx. When studies for ordination became too time-consuming other friars filled in with their own stories. Since ordination to the priesthood Father Herald was a founding member of a friary in Honduras, where he served for several years. For the last year and a half he has been working as a missionary in Sudan, serving the struggling Church in that troubled land.

Father maintains a web journal from his mission, with fine writing and lots of photos. It is eye-opening, this first-hand reportage, and it is heartening to see what God has done with this one man’s heartfelt desire to serve God in His poor. Check it out at cfrsudan.blogspot.com. Pray for Father Herald, and if you can, contribute financially to our old friend’s vital work.

—Daniel Nichols


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