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A Glimpse At My Parish

I have written from time to time about the Divine Liturgy as I have experienced it in my parish, St Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church in Barberton, Ohio. The parish has an updated website that is very good, and I have decided to post a link to it. I realize that to many of you, who do not live anywhere near a Byzantine Catholic or Orthodox church, much of what I have described is pretty abstract. On the website you can link to videos of worship, and audio and video clips of our very excellent choir, which my 6 year old daughter, Maria, and 14 year old son, Luke, have recently been invited to join, which is a great honor. There are also photos and videos of other parish activities, both liturgical and social. It is really a very well done site, thanks to our pastor, Fr Miron, a married Slovak priest, who has done wonders to heal the parish after recent strife.

So, enjoy a little taste of what worship is like for us: www.stnickbyz.com

Daniel Nichols

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