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Restructuring CT?

When Maclin invited me to write for this weblog a few years back the idea was to sort of, more or less, continue Caelum et Terra in a new form. So we invited anyone who¬†had written for the magazine to submit writings. I think only one CT writer did so, and only once. I don’t fault any of them for this; after all several of our writers went on to successful writing careers. Regina Doman writes young adult fiction and children’s books, Ben Wiker has gone on to become a pretty well known thinker and critic, Eric Brende wrote a well-received book somewhat loosely based on the experiences he chronicled in the journal about living and working with low-tech Anabaptists in Kentucky. And Tom Storck has continued his vocation as a prolific essayist.

So it was pretty much just Maclin and me. In the last year or two, though, Maclin has become pretty busy with his own blog, Light on Dark Water, which is that rare thing in computerland, a place where thoughtful and respectful conversation rules.

So that leaves just me. I have a more than full time job and six children, and I write/paint icons. So I don’t write very much. If that is fine with you, if you enjoy reading my occasional musings and rants, that is fine.

However, if you would like to see something a bit more lively I have a suggestion: why don’t we open the blog to any of our readers who would like to post?

It should go without saying that this implies that the folks we are welcoming would share some affinity with the always-hard-to-define outlook of Caelum et Terra. If you think Sean Hannity is a profound thinker your posts would probably not be welcome. If you think the Church is primarily a source of oppression, you probably want to find another venue.

But if you are familiar with the nether regions where the decentralist left and the traditionalist right find common ground, where the radical Catholic and the thoughtful Green share a beer, then this is a good fit for you.

Of course, as with the magazine, I reserve the right to determine the content, but rest assured I will not reject something just because I don’t agree with it. I enjoy spirited debates, as long as they don’t descend to insults. But there are parameters.

So, what do you think?

Daniel Nichols

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