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I don’t know that Maclin will get this posted anytime soon, with Gustav breathing down his neck there on Mobile Bay, but I wanted to let you all know that my blooming bride, Michelle, is having contractions as I type and that at any rate she is scheduled for induced labor Sunday morning.

This has been a difficult pregnancy. She has developed gestational diabetes. Because of this she cannot have a midwife for delivery, like she had for the other five babies, but must have a doctor present. She became increasing uncomfortable with the doctor that her midwife recommended, and her discomfort peaked when she visited his home office, in her ninth month, and realized that he specialized in fertility. That is, he fertilizes eggs in petri dishes and sticks the chosen ones in the wombs of women, freezing and probably discarding embryos on the way as if they were so many consumer products. We got the creeps and knew we had to move on.

So we switched doctors two weeks before her due date. She is very impressed by her new doctor and very relaxed in his presence, thank God. Then he was hospitalized last week with heart problems. He is alright and out of the hospital and is going to deliver this baby, but that development will give you an idea of the way things have gone with this pregnancy.

So I ask for your prayers as we prepare for this little one. Pray for a smooth and safe delivery and a healthy baby.

People who intentionally limit their family to two kids think we are crazy, but they don’t know what they are missing. Every new person brings such richness to the family; every one makes it a new family again, with a new dynamic.

I can’t wait to meet this new baby.

Daniel Nichols

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