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Just A Note

This week I am again teaching my annual class on iconography at St George Romanian Catholic Cathedral in Canton.

Teaching people to write/paint icons is one of the few spiritual acts that is almost wholly pleasurable, even if it can be exhausting, especially in the later stages of the process, when everyone seems to need you at once. My bride, the mother of 5- soon to be 6- shrugs at this and says “Now you know how I feel all the time”.

So I won’t be posting much this week, if at all. Not a bad time to take a break, really. No big theological or ecclesial or political controversies going on here at the moment.

Which is just as well; I sense we are all a bit burnt out on these things, even if there is still much to be said.

And the political scene has gone somewhere beyond parody. It is getting dirty already, and the conventions haven’t even been held. I am torn. Should I turn from the sorry spectacle in disgust? Or achieve new levels of sarcasm? Sad, really, as it started with great hope in Ron Paul’s campaign, which proved to be great on enthusiasm and not so great in numbers. And it seems to have evolved into a band of shady characters muttering about the Jews and the International Monetary System.


But for now, a week of holy work, painting in silence broken only by the sound of sacred music, of the angelic strains of Rachmaninov and Tallis and the ancient chant of east and west.


See you all next week.

Daniel Nichols

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