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I haven’t been posting or commenting much because I have just gotten through a Little League season with four children on four different teams. It has been baseball every night except Sunday or rainy days.

I will post about the season, and baseball in general, soon.

In the meantime, just a short note about the film WALL-E, which I took the children to last week. Basically, the rave reviews you have read are not exaggerations; the movie is an instant classic: intelligent, prophetic, funny, and beautifully rendered.

As you may know, it has generated some hostility from the Big Box Right, who see it correctly as a criticism of American consumerism and capitalism run amok.

And my thumbs-up for WALL-E runs counter to my general antipathy to stories about anthropomorphized machines, a hostility which weakened a bit when I encountered R2D2 in the Star Wars films. But WALL-E is so fine I was able to overlook my fundamental objection to the main plot, which is pretty much Robots in Love.

Anyway, just wondering if any of you have seen it, and what you thought..

Daniel Nichols

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