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Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has issued a statement denying that he ever recommended “dual communion” between Eastern Catholics and the Orthodox Church. This raises the obvious question of what exactly he said that was so misconstrued (or mistranslated). No transcript exists, apparently.

And one wonders why it took so long to correct the misunderstanding.

Regarding dual communion, the Eirenikon website has a link to the late Melkite Archbishop Elias Zoghby’s discussion of the topic: www.eirenikon.wordpress.com You will need to scroll down a bit.

It is common knowledge that such intercommunion exists among the Melkites and the Antiochian Orthodox, at least locally and informally. I have witnessed other instances in other jurisdictions.

And closer to home, have seen something like it in my Byzantine Catholic parish of St Nicholas.

About twenty miles away is another parish, St Nicholas Orthodox Church, which was formed when what was to become the Byzantine Catholic Church was split in the early part of the 20th century, after the American Roman Catholic bishops had prevailed upon Rome to insist that the various Eastern Catholics conform to Roman discipline regarding priestly celibacy, contrary to the conditions they had agreed to for reunion. Roughly half of the so-called Ruthenians- actually various ethnic groups who had been affiliated with the Kievian Rus- left for the Orthodox Church. In some places this was bitter, but at St Nicholas it was amiable, and to this day parishoners of each church attend the baptisms, weddings and funerals of family members of the other church. They stop short of receiving communion, but surely this sort of grassroots common worship lays a foundation for eventual reunion.

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