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Dual Communion?

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has suggested that Eastern Catholics can return to union with the Orthodox without relinquishing their union with Rome. While both Melkite and Ukrainian Catholic hierarchs have suggested this in the past (and it apparently has occurred to some degree with the Melkites and the Antiochian Orthodox) this is the first time that it has been proposed at such a high level.

It should be noted that whatever authority the Ecumenical Patriarch has is moral rather than juridical; he is not the “Orthodox pope”. Still, if he leads by example, it is hard to imagine that some Orthodox jurisdictions would not follow him.

This seems very hopeful and something to pray about. From a purely practical point of view, it sure would be nice to walk to the Greek church down the street rather than drive half an hour to the Byzantine Catholic church we attend.

The story is discussed, with links, on the Eirenikon site: http://eirenikon.wordpress.com/ [direct link here–mh]

If you scroll down, there is also a discussion, with links, of the variance of marriage discipline in east and west, which we have talked about at some length here. I was unaware that the Council of Florence, where the approach to reunion was more or less “We are right and you are wrong, sign here”, which required among other things acceptance of the filioque, did not demand a change in eastern marital discipline… [direct link here–at least i think that’s the right one–mh]

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