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The journal Caelum et Terra existed from 1991 until 1996. Two presidential campaigns raged in that time and there was nary a comment in our pages about them. I considered electoral politics in those days as mostly a distraction, mildly entertaining, sort of like a horse race you have no money on that is playing on the TV in a bar.

Times have changed and the stakes are higher. I have become acutely aware that we are on the road to world war. And at home the legal structure for a police state is in place, thanks to the Bush administration and a compliant Congress.

I hope to not get too obsessed with it, but certain aspects of contemporary politics do merit comment.

For example, Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani. He decided to overlook Giuliani’s horrid history on the issues that have long defined the Christian Right because Giuliani a) would defend us from the "Islamofascists" and b) can defeat Hillary Clinton.

In other words, his endorsement was driven by fear.

This came a few days after an alarming conversation with an old friend, a longtime prolifer and a devout Catholic. (I know "devout Catholic" is used these days to describe anyone who has ever warmed a pew, but in his case it is accurate; he has been known to spend hours at at a time in prayer).

If Hillary is elected, he said, the Church would have to go underground. Giuliani can beat her, and the terrorists as well. And hey, he cleaned up New York City, didn’t he?

I was dumbfounded.

And the National Right to Life Committee, long a non-prophet organization bent on serving the Republican Party, has endorsed Fred Thompson, whose record is ambiguous, apparently using the same calculation, that he can beat Hillary.

I want to make it clear that I have no use for Hillary Clinton, and under no foreseeable circumstance would I cast a vote for her for any office.

But I also have no use for Hillaryphobia, the notion that she is the sum of all evil, the Antichrist in drag. Or that anyone would be better as president, no matter his stand on the issues.

Take Giuliani. Please.

He is probably the worst candidate of the whole rotten bunch, what Juli Loesch Wiley once called a "seamless shroud" candidate: prowar, proabortion, and pro-death penalty. Not to mention protorture. His approach to foreign policy, the critical issue of this election, is if anything more reckless than Bush’s.

Not that Mrs Clinton qualifies as a peace candidate, but she would arguably be more cautious than Giuliani.

Couple that with Giuliani’s sordid personal life and you have the one candidate who would rival George W. Bush for the title of Worst President Ever.

But the Republican strategy is shaping up. Though this could change, Hillary Clinton – a woman who is widely loathed and feared- appears headed for the Democratic nomination. The Republicans have long paraded their New Hitlers, the Bogeymen: Saddam, Osama, Ahmadenijad. Add another scary single-word name- "Hillary" and you have your fear campaign ready to roll.

Will Giuliani’s campaign slogan be "Vote for Rudy or the Bogeywoman will get you"?

Don’t vote for one evil to avert another.

Don’t give in to fear.

Choose hope.

Join me in supporting Dr. Ron Paul, the one candidate who is without compromise prolife and antiwar. No, you probably won’t agree with him on every issue, but no other candidate comes close to matching him in either moral clarity or personal integrity. And no other candidate recognizes the nature of the crisis or the danger we are in.

I have volunteered for his campaign, the first time I have done anything like this in 40 years, when I worked for the Eugene McCarthy campaign, which Dr. Paul’s quixotic effort reminds me of, except this one is tapping into a much wider voter base. But it is very like McCarthy’s run in the idealism and enthusiasm it is inspiring.

Join the Ron Paul Revolution!

Daniel Nichols

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