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Som Great Thing: Discovering Traherne

Maclin Horton

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An Update

Some time ago I posted about a young man from my parish, who had enlisted
in the military right out of high school, all idealistic and enthused (Original post here.) He
had returned from a tour of Iraq disillusioned and embittered and opposed to the
war. I had asked you all to pray that he would not be redeployed back to Iraq,
and as President Bush announced that he was escalating the war I had worried
about him.

I saw his father yesterday at the Divine Liturgy and he reported that his
son had been deemed unfit for further combat because of the severe psychological
trauma he had endured in Sadr City.

Thank God he will not be returned to Iraq, but please pray for him as he
undergoes treatment, that he will be healed.

And pray too for strength; it is widely known that soldiers and officers
resent those who are excused from combat because of stress and often mistreat
them. Pray that he will endure whatever may await the rest of his term of
service with grace.

Daniel Nichols

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