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I’m intrigued by a question Daniel posed in the Orthodoxy thread below: "Does anyone else think the Catholic Church could rethink and restate
the doctrine of papal primacy without conceeding anything essential,
yet render it more palatable to the Orthodox?"

How about we start a new thread to discuss it? Michael the Austrian has just posted a rather strong "no" in the Orthodoxy thread, so maybe we can continue from there. My own answer is a hesitant and not particularly thought-out "yes."

By the way, Daniel wondered (privately) why I kicked off such a controversial topic (the Orthodoxy thread) and then didn’t contribute to the discussion. It’s partly because I’m too busy, but mainly, as I told him, I really don’t have much to contribute. I am far less knowledgeable theologically than many of you, and I asked the question ("Is Orthodoxy Part of the Church?) not for the sake of discussion in itself but because I really don’t know the answer and wanted to see if others did.

Michael’s key point (as I see it):

Your suggestions that the clear formulations of Vatican I on papal
primacy are to be understood in anything other than an absolute and
transhistorically binding fashion entail a fatal capitulation to

Maclin Horton

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