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I see the "Fifth Reason" discussion below is veering off into this topic. I was planning to pose the question anyway. I mean the churches we refer to as "Eastern Orthodox," of course. A few weeks ago, discussing  Rod Dreher’s switch to Orthodoxy (Russian, if I remember correctly), I remarked in a post on my blog that  "The late pope made it clear that he believed Orthodoxy to be part of the Church." That was a casual statement based on locutions of the Pope about the Church needing to "breathe with both lungs" etc. Tom Storck questioned whether the Pope really meant what I took him to mean.

I haven’t really dug into the relevant papal statements, but my impression is that there’s some ambiguity, perhaps purposeful, on this score. Anyway, what do y’all think? "Part of the Church" is probably not a good way to say it, but what exactly is the relationship? In? Out? Ambigously somewhere between?

Maclin Horton

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