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Angelo Matera in the National Catholic Register on papal anti-war teachings. A couple of people asked me to post this but it’s pretty familiar stuff if you’ve been following (or participating in) the debates on this for the past few years. It’s part two of three so maybe all three together will add up to more. No obvious link to part one on the site, though (part three presumably is yet to come).

And Christopher Blosser at Against The Grain has about as thorough a treatment of the torture debate as you’re likely to find. It includes a link to Daniel’s remarks on this question a couple of weeks ago. (I have not had time to read it all, by the way.)


I did this post hastily yesterday (10/4) on my lunch hour, with my
mind on a knotty SQL problem. Re-reading it now I think it may sound
dismissive of Mr. Matera’s argument. I didn’t intend that, although I
suppose my tone does reflect my own weariness with the debate. Matera, by
the way, is the editor of Godspy, a great online magazine which I think is affiliated with Communion and Liberation.

Maclin Horton

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