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Good words from the signoff:

As we have written previously, we believe that to suffer
one’s place and one’s people in the particularity of its and their
needs is the only true basis for finding love, friendship, and an
authentic, meaningful life. This is nothing less than the key to the
pursuit of Christian holiness, which is the whole of the Christian
adventure: to live in love with the frailty and limits of one’s
existence, suffering the places, customs, rites, joys, and sorrows of
the people who are in close relation to you by family, friendship, and
community–all in service of the truth, goodness, and beauty that is
best experienced directly. The discipline of place teaches that it is
more than enough to care skillfully and lovingly for one’s own little
circle, and this is the model for the good life, not the limitless
jurisdiction of the ego, granted by a doctrine of choice, that is ever
seeking its own fulfillment, pleasure, and satiation.

Taking that charge seriously, The New Pantagruel has, essentially, argued itself out of existence….

There’s also a very fine poem ending in a great couplet.

Maclin Horton

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