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The Ugly Side

America is beautiful, but She has an ugly side.- Neil Young, from
Living with War

I am currently reading Ron Suskind’s The One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America’s Pursuit of its Enemies since 9/11.

In the book, Mr. Suskind mentions two instances of American strategy aimed at getting suspected Al Queda operatives to talk. Almost in passing, he tells of a successful attempt, which involved not torture, but FBI interrogators plying suspects with Chinese food and pornography.

In the other account, high-ranking Al Queda member Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
was subjected to death threats, water-boarding, exposure to hot and cold
extremes, and sleep deprivation- the whole array of treatments that the Bush
administration has insisted are not torture- and still he held fast. Then,
according to several former CIA agents, he was told that his children, ages 7
and 9, and in American custody, would be harmed.

Mohammed said, in effect, that if the Americans killed his children they
would be with God.

He didn’t talk.

Darth- er, DIck- Cheney famously said shortly after 9/11, that America now
had to work from "The Dark Side".

Apparently he meant it.

Using pornography to weaken a man, ensnaring his soul in carnal sin, is a
wicked act, one that makes me doubt that the behavior of our troops at Abu
Ghraib was really an aberration.

And threatening a man’s small children?

Beneath contempt, even if there was no real intent to harm them.

George W. Bush consistently claims the moral high ground in what he calls
his war on terror. repeating like a simplistic mantra that his enemies are evil
men and that America is good.

It is clear that Al Queda, which violates several Islamic principles with
impunity- the moral prohibitions against killing civilians, killing other
Muslims, and suicide- is evil. It is less clear that this administration, using
moral corruption as a weapon, threatening children, torturing its enemies, is on
the side of the angels.

In the war of jihad vs. pornocracy, of Hitler vs. Satan, of Antichrist vs.
Babylon, the follower of Christ is by definition an outsider, a

Daniel Nichols

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