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Fr. Neuhaus on the First Things blog quotes Cardinal Schonborn:

The Church can never identify herself with any one nation.
She is not a national Church. And yet the unmistakable features of the
Church can be discerned within the different nations. This is never
more luminously expressed than in the saints. Who could be more French
than Therese, more English than Thomas More, more Spanish than
Ignatius, more Italian than Catherine and Francis? And yet none of them
is just a national saint, and any attempt to misuse the saints in the
cause of nationalism (as has happened, for example, in the case of
Saint Joan of Arc) totally misses the point of their lives.

and then follows with this question of his own, which he leaves unanswered:

"Which prompts the question: Who could be more American than . . . ?"

I’m going to post a comment in which I give the name that sprang instantly to my mind upon reading that question. What happens in your mind when the concepts of "saint" and "quintessentially American" meet?

Maclin Horton

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