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Interesting comments from Amy Welborn on Phillip Jenkins’ book by the above name. C et T readers and writers are entitled to say "yeah, this is what we’ve been saying all along." The crucial point:

The question we’re asked to consider is, "Why do Christians of the
Global South tend to read the Bible differently?" The answer some might
give is that they’re not advanced enough, they don’t have the same kind
of theological education that the North has. The scholarship hasn’t
reached them yet.

Jenkins’ answer is essentially this: They read the Bible differently
because they live it. Ordinary Christians of the Global South are not
at a distance from the Scriptures – the world in which they live is
echoed in the Scriptures in vivid, direct ways and in turn, the themes
from the Scriptures they tend to emphasize deepen those connections.

Maclin Horton

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