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CC Blog – Last Day

Rod Dreher posts a reading list. Good stuff.

Caleb Stegall says, quoting Wendell Berry, "Life is a miracle."

I’ve been extremely busy for the past 48 hours or so and have missed some stuff, and will be out of town and off-line for most of the next 48, but this post by Bruce Frohnen has some political notes that fit with some of the things people have said here (even though it comes from the Republican point of view). Food for thought:

And, however
much people may like Big Box America, it ain’t good for the kids; and
an increasing number of Americans know this, though they have little
clue what to do about it. For too long the Republican Party has been dependent on the
Democratic establishment’s status as hostages to the abortion lobby for
its victories. If that cracks, as it may well…

Maclin Horton

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