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After several thin or dry days, I thought maybe Rod & Co. were burned out, but they suddenly got active again in the last 48 hours.

Rod Dreher invokes Alisdair McIntyre invoking Benedict, and asks:

traditionalist/crunchy conservatives were to take the St. Benedict
Option today, what would it look like? Would doing so amount to giving
up on the culture in despair … or would it mean retreating behind
defensible borders? Thoughts?

Pretty much everything that follows is worth reading, so you could just read up from the post above (it’s titled "The Saint Benedict Option." But here are a couple I found particularly interesting.

Frederica Mathewes-Green questions the degree to which "retreat" is entirely possible or desirable.

Caleb Steagall suggest we "turn aside from the project of shoring up modern liberalism, and
begin to construct new enclaves of civility and order within which a
true intellectual and moral life
." (Don’t panic, he means classical liberalism.)

Maclin Horton

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