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I started doing this because there was so much activity on the CC blog and I figured some people who read this one might be somewhat interested in the CC discussion but not interested enough to follow it all. But it’s gotten pretty quiet over there, so one can easily read all of today’s posts. Still, I’ll keep this up for another day or two.

An interesting exchange in the continuing effort to insist on a false choice between Taliban-style violent theocracy and Euro-American pornocracy: post 1 and post 2.

One quick note about the quote from Roger Scruton, which is fine up until the point where he says " In the United
States, where pornography is protected as free speech, people are able
to accept that this assault on human dignity is the price we must pay
for freedoms too precious to relinquish."

I take very strenuous exception to that: (a) many, many people do not in fact accept it (b) that is not, in fact, a necessary trade-off. Sure, a halfway free society is going to allow many things that would be considered indecent in Taliban eyes, but it does not have to allow the free distribution of hard-core pornography. Unless you think the United States was not a free country before about 1970 or so. The pornography license was established by libertines and ideologues over the protests of many, if not most, of our citizenry and could be disestablished by sensible courts.

Maclin Horton

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