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Well, you could just start here with Rod Dreher’s intro and then read up. Here’s his basic point:

I didn’t set out to write this book with this in mind, but it became
clear to me that the base of this entire neo-traditionalist sensibility
is religious conviction. It quickly became clear in doing my research
that almost everyone to whom I’d spoken was in some serious way a
religious believer. Why is that? I think it’s because people who are
serious about their religion understand in their bones how devotion to
God and to His laws must be the basis for ordering our own lives, and
that of our society.

and then read up on the page. Most of the points made are familiar to people who read this blog, I expect. Maybe the most striking exchange is when Rod prints an angry email from a reader named Graeme, who sees — guess what? — a theocracy! in all this — and Bruce Froehnen replies quite bracingly.

This note by Rod on the quandary posed by changing one’s religion is probably apropos for a lot of us hwo are converts.

Maclin Horton

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