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Thought I would do this for the mildly interested and the too-busy. The current topic is environmentalism.

Officially the current topic is environmentalism, but Rod Dreher goes slightly off-topic, on the GOP’s history with regard to family policy. He’s mostly referring to a piece by Alan Carlson. Which reminds me that I’ve been meaning for a couple of weeks to link to this fascinating and important Carlson piece from a recent issue of Touchstone. Whether you detest the Democrats or the Republicans more, you’ll find ammunition for your animosity here.

Bruce Frohnen, a law professor, on the legal obstacles to a "free-market" approach; I use the quotes because his point is an important one about the distortion of the law in favor of corporations.
Rod Dreher on progress. Caleb Stegall on the same topic (quoting Eric Voegelin at length), then John Lukacs.

Maclin Horton

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