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CC Misapprehensions

An exchange on the Crunchy Con blog yesterday highlights the way in which Dreher is being misunderstood. Sometimes it seems almost willful, but I think at least part of the reason is that it really is easy to get the mistaken impression that Dreher is advocating only superficial changes (Birkenstocks, granola, etc.). Both the title and subtitle of the book tend to give that impression.

Here, for instance, is Maggie Gallagher, a social conservative who usually writes about marriage- and family-related issues, explaining Why She Is Not A Crunchy Con.

And here is Rod Dreher’s reply, and follow-ups by Caleb Stegall and Angelo Matera (editor of Godspy). I’m about halfway through the book now, and can testify that Ms. Gallagher’s response is indeed unfair. And yet, as Matera indicates, there’s something in the way the book is presented and marketed that lends itself to such misconstrual.

Maclin Horton

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