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I finally received my copy of this about a week ago. Too bad it came out during Lent, because I don’t have that much time for reading at best and I’m committed to doing some specific and serious Lenten reading. So I’ve only read a couple of chapters. Three comments:

(1) Of most immediate interest to me, I’m happy with the way the interview with me came out. Rod used most of what I gave him and the result represents my views very well.

(2) The book, and the fact that it’s being featured by National Review and well-received by at least some conservatives is nothing less than a sudden emergence into the conservative movement of most of the themes that were present in Caelum et Terra. This is good. The biggest difference is that it’s less specifically Catholic. Although CetT was ecumenical in intent and spirit, it stayed focused mostly on the Catholic scene, whereas CC goes out of its way to include Protestant and Jewish testimony, making the point that the social changes being touted are both driven by and particularly suited toward reinforcing religion.

(3) As I noted in a comment below, "Just as a matter of tactics, I think he might have been better off not
emphasizing ‘crunchiness’ in the sense of organic foods etc. so much,
as it provides an easy excuse for people to write him off." But as Juli Loesch Wiley says, those things are only a jumping-off point for addressing bigger concerns.

By the way, those of us who have been slightly baffled by the choice of the word "crunchy" have just missed a bit of slang. I asked my twenty-six-year-old son (who knows nothing about the book) what he would suppose "crunchy conservative" to mean, and he answered pretty accurately. Apparently "crunchy" is a term in somewhat general use (not general enough to have reached me). Still don’t think it’s a particularly happy choice, but it makes more sense now.

Maclin Horton

UPDATE 3/10/06 15:20: I’ve closed comments on the earlier post Crunchy Con Book & Blog so the discussion can move up to this post. Earlier discussion can be read there. Most recent entries: Juli Loesch Wiley says more power to Mr. Dreher, Daniel Nichols is still suspicious, Mac Horton says just read for yourself.

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