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I’m a bit embarrassed to say that it was only yesterday that I finally read the article in The American Conservative about George McGovern that Daniel mentioned in Beyond Political Manicheanism below. I’ve been preoccupied with things other than politics for the last few weeks and kept forgetting about this, but the article is indeed very much worth reading. I sometimes wonder if we even grow the same sort of Fundamentally Decent American with his roots in the soil anymore. And if we do, could he make it in politics? I certainly can’t think of any baby-boomer-or-younger politician who seems to have that kind of solid dignity.

One small thing that caught my attention was the fact that the famous "acid, amnesty, and abortion" tag was stuck on McGovern’s campaign by his Democratic opponents. I was vaguely aware of the phrase but assumed it was a Republican creation, like "nattering nabobs of negativism" (which was Pat Buchanan’s, I think).

I do have my doubts as to whether McGovern would have been, in office, what Kauffman thinks he would (or could) have been. The tragedy of the old-time decent WASP liberals like McGovern has been their utter inability or unwillingness to resist the cultural left. Four years later we did in fact elect somebody a lot like McGovern, and pretty soon he was dancing to Bella Abzug’s tune.

By the way, on the subject of political Manicheanism and decent liberals, here’s something interesting from  National Review about a new liberal group. Maybe a lot of people are getting tired of the hatred and vitriol. I certainly am.

Maclin Horton

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