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Catholic Ghettoes

Interesting couple of paragraphs from an interview with John Allen on Open Book. The whole interview is at Godspy but I haven’t read it–it’s mostly about his new (and interesting-sounding) book on Opus Dei. Here’s the key point on intra-Catholic divisions:

"When you look around at the Catholic scene, you see that you’ve got
your traditionalist-liturgical Catholics, your social justice
Catholics, your charismatic Catholics, your neo-conservative,
intellectual Catholics, your Church reform Catholics, and others. They
all speak their own language, go to their own meetings, read their own
publications, think their own thoughts. If they ever pop their head up
above the walls to look at somebody in another circle, it’s often not
with a genuine interest in the thought of the other. It’s with what you
might call a ‘hermeneutic of suspicion’. ‘I’m not really sure where
this person is coming from and I’m not really sure if we’re on the same

Now, I think there are in fact very good reasons underlying a lot of this, chiefly the presence of so many people, including people in authority, in the Church who pretty obviously don’t believe some of the core teachings. But it’s gotten way out of hand.

Maclin Horton


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