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I realize the movie has been out for several weeks, but in case you’re still sitting on the fence or just haven’t gotten around to seeing it, here’s my report:

Having survived the Lord of the Rings movies, I had decided fairly early that I would give the new Narnia movie a try, but have been in no hurry to do so. My wife and I finally saw it last night. It’s excellent. For fidelity to the book, I would rate it above The Lord of the Rings. I was very pleased with the lack of various objectionable things which I will lump into the term "Hollywoodization" and hope you understand me. It wasn’t totally absent, but it was far less intrusive. Karen and I both thought the four children were pretty much perfect.

If you don’t plan to see it because you don’t want your imagination taken over, or have a principled objection to going to the movies in general, I certainly won’t try to talk you out of your opposition. But if you don’t have any such objection, this one is worthwhile, and I don’t think it will spoil the book for you.

On the way home I said to Karen that the great battle seemed a bit anti-climactic. She agreed but added that she thought it was so in the book as well, which I think is true. The Lion etc. is in fact not my favorite of the Narnia books, although the opening is wonderful. The allegory always struck me as obtrusive. So I’m optimistic now about what we might expect from the rest of the Narnia films.

Maclin Horton

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