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Go Read This

An interview in Godspy with Caleb Stegall of The New Pantagruel.

It’s brilliant, and thoroughly grounded in the same insights and impulses that drove Caelum et Terra. I suppose it was conducted by email; if Mr. Stegall can actually talk this way extemporaneously he is astonishingly articulate. Here’s a passage that stakes out the ground pretty clearly:

Where does The New Pantagruel fit politically? Is it left or right?

I would say that the driving political-philosophical force behind tNP
has been a recognition of liberalism on both the modern right and left
as the engine of religious and particularly Christian destruction.
Which is, of course, tantamount to the destruction of western

Really, go read it (when you have ten or fifteen minutes to spare–it’s not a soundbite).

Maclin Horton

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