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Many thanks to all who prayed and expressed concern for me and my family as Hurricane Katrina struck. We got off pretty lightly, although it was scary for a while: Mobile Bay, normally about a hundred yards from my house, came literally knocking on the door (well, on the plywood covering the door) yesterday, but did not get in. The water came up high enough to slap against the house and then receded. As far as anyone around here can remember it’s never been that high. A neighbor paddled his kayak up and down the street. But other than a big mess and a section of fence that sort of floated up and away, we have no big problems. We even have electricity now.

Those who have had access to the Internet and TV for the past 48 hours or so know more about the situation in New Orleans and Mississippi than I do, but clearly it’s horrendous.

What I want to know, after four big storms in roughly one and a half hurricane seasons, is how much of a trend this is.

Maclin Horton

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