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Cautious Optimism

UPDATE: Just as a reminder of what this is all about, the inimitable and indispensable Dawn Eden posts this nightmarish story. There’s plenty of room for argument about what one should be doing in this battle, but the one thing we can’t do is forget about it.


That’s my position on the Roberts nomination. As always, there is a fairly thorough discussion from many points of view at Open Book. I claim no great insight and no expertise at all, but it sounds to me that at a minimum there are grounds to hope that he will at least support moves toward more restrictions on abortion. And he seems to have clearer principles than people like Souter and O’Connor ever did, so maybe he won’t "grow" in the dreaded Washington sense–i.e., become more "liberal."

Certainly a lot of you will disagree with this assessment. Time will tell. But you know, if I had been an English king I probably would have been called "the Melancholy," so there’s something kind of squirrely going on when I find myself in the role of the more upbeat and optimistic person.

Maclin Horton

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