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The Court Vacancy

There is of course an enormous amount one could say about the arrival of this long-anticipated situation. I think I’ll confine myself to suggesting that we pray for the President and his advisors, that the Holy Spirit would get a word in edgewise in the decision they’re about to make or perhaps have already made.

I doubt it would be news to anyone who reads this blog that there are an awful lot of people out here for whom the possibility of a change in the direction of the Supreme Court is the main or only reason they have voted for the Republican in recent presidential elections. If Bush lets them/us down this time, the sense of betrayal will be enormous and permanent. It’s hard to imagine the conditions being better in the foreseeable future for confirmation of a nominee who would at a minimum vote against the over-reaching social dictates of some of the justices.

Confirmation will be another story. The better the nominee from the pro-life point of view, the bloodier the confirmation battle.

For lots more in this vein, see this thread at Open Book .

Maclin Horton

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