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A Ride Through Covington

Covington, Louisiana: where Walker Percy lived for many years.

Maclin Horton

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Note: Judy Bratten was a sometime contributor to Caelum et Terra, and hosted the
first of our summer Gatherings at her farm in eastern Ohio. She is a wife and
mother to three grown children and is the director of historic Ft Steuben in
Steubenville Ohio.

Okay, this is better than the chain letters and "send this back or you will have bad luck" and attachments that take 15 clicks to open. (As a rule, I delete them without opening.) This is making me think about something other than Iraq, my children’s crazy decisions, lack of rain in the garden, and the politics at work: so here goes:

The number of books we own: Including my cookbooks (I’m a sucker for new recipes) and garden/handcraft books, I’d guess we have anywhere from 1500-2000. My daughters made us get rid of some of our Protestant charismatic books and I threw out the "end of the world’ books, and
we then had room for all the classics that the kids had collected as part of the Great Books/Honors program at FUS.

Last book I bought: Measuring America
by Andro Linklater (a fascinating account of how the invention of the Gunter Chain- a surveying device- determined the development of the US; related to my job as Director of Fort Steuben- an 18th century fort built to protect the surveyors of the Northwest Territoy; y’all come by and visit!)

Last book I read: Uh-oh; the secret is out. I relax with detective stories, usually the old ones (Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Chesterton) and this one was loaned to me by a friend: Murder in the East Room by Elliott Roosevelt. Actually, it is hard for me to read a book these days; magazines are more in keeping with my lifestyle but I’ve had to cut back on those, too. My favorite: Greenprints.

Books I am reading now: All my life I have had a book in each room to pick up and read; I now have a stack by my armchair. Brother Cadfael’s Penance by Ellis Peters, God in the Dock (Essays by CS Lewis) edited by Walter Hooper, That Dark and Bloody
by Allan Eckert

Books that were important to me: Now this is really hard. I will probably think of more later, but what comes to mind now are Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll (helped me learn to see the world from a new perspective); Deliver
Us from Evil
(I don’t remember the author- but it opened my mind to existence of evil as personified in the devil and thus prepared me to understand salvation and the need for a Savior); several books by CS Lewis which I read over periodically: The Abolition of Man, Mere Christianity, The Last Battle, That Hideous Strength; the Bible, various translations; If by Amy Charmichael; and the lives of the Saints – they were most instrumental in my conversion.

Five people I have tagged: Regina Schmiedicke, Ben Wiker, Bill Powell, Jim Gaston, Helen Valois.

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