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Call Me Shiftlet 

“Oh Lord, break forth and wash the slime from
this earth!”

Maclin Horton

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Total number of books (my husband and kids and) I own: A bazillion

Last Book I Bought: The Politics of Bad Faith, by David Horowitz; and In the Plantation Household, Black and White Women in the Old South by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.

Last Book I Read: Pnin, by Vladimir Nabokov.

Books I’m reading now:

In the Beginning: Reflections on Genesis by Joseph Ratzinger.

Five books that have been important to me:

Brave New World
The Chronicles of Narnia
Kristin Lavransdatter
Under the War Shadow (a collection of poems published by the War Resisters League in about 1967)
The Skeptical Environmentalist

Julianne Wiley

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