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Total number of books owned: I sold a lot of them, when I got tired of moving
them with every change of address (back when I was less settled). I think at one
time I owned around 4,ooo books. Today I have maybe half that.

Last book I bought: I rarely buy books anymore; when I was single I bought books every
paycheck. Now cash is in short supply, and I rely on the public library.

The last books I bought were a book of rosary meditations and the Catechism
of the Catholic Church, confirmation gifts for my niece (a godchild), Sarah. I
don’t know if anyone remembers the Sunday Visitor article on Caelum et
, published after our first issue, but she was the little blonde girl
in the picture with me, now all grown up.
Books I am reading now:
Born Fighting, a book about the Scots-Irish, and their influence
on American culture, by James Webb. I am learning how atypical my Scots-Irish
ancestors were, as they emigrated long after the big wave of immigrants -in the
early 1800s instead of the early 1700s- and went up into Canada and then to
Michigan instead of following the old trail along the Appalachians, 
intermarrying with the descendents of English Puritans along the way.
Perfect Soldiers, I forget the author, a biography of the 9/11
conspirators; the little guys mostly, not Bin Laden, in an attempt to
humanize people who have been so demonized in America. 
Five books that have been important to me:
The Space Trilogy, by CS Lewis, which made Christianity believable
to me for the first time in a long time, by recasting the story.
Orthodoxy, by Chesterton, which did the same for
The King James Bible, which I read through when I was twenty one
and seeking truth.
The Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien, which I keep returning to and
which is so rich that it gains new relevance for every stage in life from which
it is approached.
The Unsettling of America, by Wendell Berry, which articulated the
hunches I had long had about the direction American culture was heading.
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