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I generally resist the temptation to fire off quick posts about some ephemeral thing, but please indulge me with this one. I can defend it on the grounds that it probably indicates something fairly seriously amiss.

I have been studying an agreement for software and services which my employer is about to enter, looking for things we might want to change or question. The proposal is full of references to what we will have to provide in support of the work the vendor will do. Many of these involve the requirement that we have someone available to do this or that.

Throughout the document, the words "resource" and "resources" are used in place of the words "person" and "persons" (or "people")–even in contexts where the reference is not to resources that might include persons but specifically and only to persons. E.g. "a resource must log in to the server."

Draw your own conclusions.

Maclin Horton

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